Garden Philosophy

 Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come
 (Chinese proverb)

To be the custodian of this magnificent land we call Merribrook is both a privilege and an awesome responsibility. Our land must remain magical, colourful and playful always calling you back for another experience in this golden garden we named Merribrook.

It is our vision to continue supporting this land to be the Garden of Eden it has always been. Our vision is one of great natural beauty, abundance, love and balance..

We are eclectic in our approach to garden design at Merribrook, drawing strongly from two philosophies, Permaculture and Natural Gardening, plus the readings of Rudolph Steiner.

The Permaculture influence is evident in the physical design of our exotic gardens around the original development and the farm tree plantings. The Natural Garden approach is that of working with nature enhancing what already is. We are not gardening in a vacuum. Our decisions for design and plant choice directly impact on wildlife and water quality.

We see the 160 acre Merribrook property divided into zones;

1) The Native Bush – 80 acres ungrazed by stock, abundant in fantastic flora and fauna diversity, now a dedicated Land for Wildlife area.
2) The Creek Lines – Valuable wildlife corridors and environments for healthy water and many frogs!
3) The Pastures – These cleared areas contain human habitats, sheep, agro forestry, orchards and exotic gardens.

Each zone has specific needs and we are developing values and knowledge accordingly.

1) The Native Bush is already magnificent and as we carefully construct walking and meditation areas it is with utmost care and respect. Weed control is a major goal in the Bush. We have planted over 1000 trees and countless shrubs and rushes.

2) The Creek Lines have specific management guidelines
Healthy restored Creek Lines are our aim and we are well on the way to achieving this.

4) The Pasture zone or white man’s influence reflects and honours our European psyche. The smelling of the roses, the colours of the deciduous trees, the comfort of the ordered vegetable garden, all nurture our ancestral past.

The Natural Garden Philosophy divides this ‘man made’ area in to 3, to give it essential cohesiveness and manageability. These areas are not sharply delineated.  The inner area is that around the buildings, the inner sanctum. Our vision here is to make this area magnificent to all the senses. The in-between area is the ‘view’ from this core space – this is always ambitious, seductive and a true design challenge. The outer area is where the exotic and planned areas merge with the Native Bush or the Creek Lines. An area of responsible plantings.

Quality, simplicity and order
Knowledge is power-sit in nature and all will be revealed

As we venture into more  garden development especially in the new orchard area, The Golden Garden of Eden, we do so with all our past knowledge, plus 28 years of experience living on this land. The rhythm of this wonderful land must be respected with careful thought always before any changes happen.

 Merribrook is for people, for wildlife, and for abundant vegetation. It must flow and evolve – it is our golden land of ‘milk & honey’. We need a clever link between the established flow of the exotic gardens to the new orchard gardens and out into the old and new Bush. We will do this with repetition of colour and plant choice and with an emphasis on this being a working garden for our food production.

It is our intent to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are moving always towards organic sustainable practices. Noxious weeds still need to be destroyed. Where possible mulching, composting and natural fertilising is used for nutrition.

We garden in this land to create and share great beauty, nourishment and lasting visual pleasure. By remaining in integrity, Merribrook can continue to sustain and heal many people and allow them to grow, to learn, to relax and restore.

Our land must remain magical, colourful and playful always calling you back for another experience in this golden garden of Eden, we named Merribrook.

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